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We clean all exterior surfaces including gazebos, pergolas, patio furniture, tennis courts, siding, brick, block, stone, masonry, retaining walls, patio’s, walkways, driveways, porches, pool decks & garage floors.

We have the knowledge, skills and a specialized line of restoration products to deliver excellent results on each & every surface. We also repair composite & wood decks, brick pavers & natural stone.


We pressure wash, clean, strip & seal all exterior surfaces such as wood decks, brick pavers, natural stone, concrete and masonry.

We also clean composite decks to remove mold spots & stains. We seal trex decks to prevent frequent recurrence of stains.


Driveway & Patio Pressure Washing

Reclaim your concrete driveway or patio with our pressure washing services! Over time, dirt, grease, and grime can glom 1nto your concrete structures, making them look weathered.

Big Clean will get rid of grime and gunk that’s accumulated on your concrete driveway or concrete patio.

 Don’t let mold and bacteria glom into your concrete surfaces. Regain the clean-cut look of concrete with our pressure washing services.



After building, a deck maintenance program should be performed as soon as the wood has dried because it immediately starts to weather. The most common misconception deck builders have is that deck maintenance should wait for one year.

 Make sure you clean the wood, then neutralize it to remove mill glaze and any ink stamps on it as soon as possible, then seal it with NorthCraft deck sealer when it dries. After that deck maintenance should be done each year or two depending on the weathering and sunlight that it receives.


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Minor sheet rock repairs and painting



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Vinyl concrete curb and sidewalk repairs

Ceiling tile replacement inside tenant and vacant spaces


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